February Update!

Welcome to February, and all the Daffodils poking their heads out of the ground.

Meanwhile it is Valentines Day, and while we tried everything to find a reservation at one of our favourite places for dinner, with no luck, we came up with an even better idea.  We decided to call our favourite caterer “Nicholas Waters, owner of Toque Catering,” who helped us capture the romance of Valentines Day in our own home, with our “Boy Cooper.”


New Mortgage Rules and You

With all the chatter about qualifying for a mortgage these days it may feel impossible to the first time buyer, who has saved hard, to own your own home.  But don’t fret, these measures were implemented to protect you over the long term.  It may mean you purchase a condominium, or an older home, or simply broaden your search on the map. If you are willing to be flexible, I can find a home for you.

A trustworthy mortgage broker has experience, knowledge, access to all lenders, and can get you the best mortgage for your situation.

Victoria Mortgage Broker, John Wallace from Invis Mortgage Experts agrees, “ The new rules have made the mortgage landscape significantly more confusing, and getting good, solid advice is critical.”